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30 Minute Ionic Foot Detox Bath Session


Detox the body through the feet.

The metal array sends positive and negative ions through the water and into the feet and then through the body to pull out toxins. This technology is the same as grounding or earthing, where you walk or lie on the earth allowing the earth's gravity and electromagnetic field to pull toxins and inflammation out of the body. An ionic foot detox session is a unique experience because you can see the different particles come out into the water and then the technician can tell you what it says about the body being purified.


We have lots of luxurious enhancements to add onto your session!


Heated Massae Eye Mask $5

Parafin Wax $15 (15 extra minutes)

Red Light Therapy $5 (Help the body heal and repair with our Red Light Lamp during your session)

Herbal Tea $5

Aromatherapy $5

Scalp Massage $5 (10 minutes during foot bath session)

Hand Massage $5 (10 Minutes during session)

30 minute scalp or hand massage or combination $50 (during foot bath session)


Call to add in enhancements to your gift certificate, or the customer may add them at theri session. We take cash, card, venmo, and apple pay.

30 Minute Ionic Foot Detox Bath

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