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At The Monarch Event Center

At the Monarch Event Center

Bringing Community Together!

No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment

My focus is to uplift and encourage one another through our differences, by creating an environment and community where every single person can feel loved and accepted for all the greatness they have to offer the world. We don't want to live in a world where everyone is the same. We want to live in a world where everyone is exactly who they are meant to be: Unique, Different, One of a kind. Each playing their own significant and unique role in making the world run. In this community, we embrace each other's differences as we focus on what we all share in common, the need for human connection. 

It's my dream to create a world-wide movement of human connection. Starting with small communities where outsiders come and they say, "wow, these people get it", and carry that feeling with them so that it spreads across the globe. 

The times of organized and planned division of the people ends now. It's time to rise up and unite with our neighbors to join forces against those wanting us to destroy each other. It's time that we rise above it and step into our power and embrace each other through love and understanding. We grow stronger, by joining together. 

Team Hugging

My Story


I moved here in 2013 from Memphis, TN. I was a world traveler and was so excited for the next big adventure in a whole new state! As I got settled into living in UT, I quickly began feeling lost and alone. I found it really difficult to find a community of friends to socialize with, like I had back south. Feeling defeated and isolated, I had no choice, but to spend the entire last decade focusing on my inner healing while juggling being an entrepreneur and an only parent to my daughter. Fast forward to ten years later, I have worked incredibly hard on my inner health, and I've built an amazing health spa with the most amazing clients in the world and now I'm ready to conquer the great need that I see in UT; Community and Socializing! I have heard countless stories from my clients feeling isolated, lonely, depressed, and desperately craving community and friendships. So I have set out to make that possible for not only my clients and myself, but for all of you as well!

Please join me in creating a world united in friendships and community as we embrace one another and learn what's special and unique to each person! There is so much to learn from other people. We are the Human Kingdom, and "every kingdom divided against itself is

 brought to desolation." UNITED WE STAND

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