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Erick is from Guadalajara City, Jalisco (Mexico), and speaks Spanish. He started learning English at the age of 16/17. During that time he fell in love with fitness at the age of 16 when he decided to quit playing football. He realized that he needed to change his daily habits to become the version of himself that he always wanted, after struggling with problems of obesity his whole life. During his junior year of High School, he completely shifted his mindset into a better one. He started developing habits that helped him to accomplish his main fitness goal of losing over 50 pounds of body fat. After this radical change, he discovered his passion for helping people to accomplish their own fitness goals to help guide them through physical and mental change. 


After High School, he decided to become a personal trainer while studying psychology at Weber State University. He is currently a fitness advocate holding an ISSA personal trainer certification while majoring in Psychology. His primary focus in life is to become the best version of himself while sharing his knowledge. He dreams of a better world for the future generations, full of positive energy that, in his opinion, can only be achieved by everyone else becoming the best version of themselves. 

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