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Alan Suhr

Meet Alan!

Sara Harvey has partnered with Alan Suhr's practice to offer her personal clients even more options in their wellness journey! Please look through Alan's specialties and contact Sara for scheduling and payment. (801)458-4179




Alan Suhr

Alan received his Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California; widely regarded as one of the most rigorous and highly respected acupuncture schools in the United States. Also in that time he attended the International Institute of Medical Qigong where he earned his Master of Medical Qigong certification
​under the instruction of Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

Alan specializes in Sports Medicine acupuncture, which addresses pain management and treatment of injuries, and Classical Chinese Medicine, focused  on treating internal disorders.  Alan received certification in both programs while attending Five Branches University.

His clinical experience includes extensive work with veterans and patrons of the local mental health advocacy center.  These clinics provided extensive experience in treating acute and chronic pain, and psycho-emotional issues ranging from PTSD to bipolar disorder to insomnia.

Neck Therapy


Acupuncture relieves pain and helps regulate and balance the body's various systems., Acupuncture can be used to  strengthen and supports the immune system,, restore hormonal balance,  regulate emotions , improve digestive and organ function, and alleviate pain, to name just a few applications.  Acupuncture balances and integrates the functions of the organs so they work together harmoniously rather than in isolation.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs work synergistically to energetically reprogram and rebalance the body’s systems and functions. Chinese herbs have been used safely as medicinal therapy in Eastern medicine for over 2,000 years. 

Cupping Therapy


Cupping promotes increased circulation and draws stagnant fluids to the surface of the skin; away from the injury. It also creates space for the muscles and body's tissues to repair themselves with healthy circulation and nutrients.



​Qigong (can also be spelled Ch’i Kung) – pronounced “chee – gong” is a Chinese healing and energy medicine system. It includes breathing techniques, gentle yoga-like movements and meditation to cleanse, strengthen and circulate “qi” – or “chi” energy throughout the body.
Alan Suhr implements qigong principles and methods into his acupuncture treatments.  He also gives his patients qigong exercises specific to their condition to help them continue with the healing process outside of the clinic.



Moxabustion or moxa, uses a Chinese herb called mugwort. It is heated and used with acupuncture needles to provide treatment.  Traditionally the mugwort was dried and burned over points on the body.  This method is still used, however similar effects may be obtained by applying the essential oils derived from the mugwort plant and heating the area with a heat lamp.  
Moxa sticks can be used on their own to stimulate an acupuncture point or can be used on a point where an acupuncture needle has been inserted. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi at the treatment points.  Moxa can be used to treat various ailments that vary from certain types of arthritis and joint pain to digestive disorders.

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