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JaNae Francis is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in helping her clients soothe their inner child. Her practice is in helping clients recall themselves at earlier ages and change decisions they made at those times that are still affecting them now.  Her clients have found this style of hypnotherapy effective in helping people overcome addictions, trauma, and abuse.

Have you ever found yourself doing something and you don't know why? JaNae helps her clients realize the root cause of their behavior.

Through visualization and meditation, JaNae's clients are able to recreate past situations in new ways that allow themselves to make new decisions, let go of emotions, and free themselves of the weight of holding on.

JaNae has turned a recent life change into new emotional management tools for others. Her own need to face overwhelming emotions as she went back to a life of being single led her to write a set of emotional management cards called "Don't Kick the Cat." They are directions for managing emotions before taking them out on other people, objects, or pets.

In addition to her hypnotherapy studies, JaNae has engaged in serious study of self improvement for the past decade.

JaNae has a history of goal setting and she loves to help others set goals during their sessions with her.

Among her past accomplishments include writing a faith column for the Standard-Examiner newspaper named the best column for large newspapers in the State of Utah by the Utah Press Association.

She was employed as a reporter for the newspaper for 28 years. 

She's also a past Miss Rodeo Utah and she loves promoting good values from the stage.

She is the author of two books and many tools for self improvement.

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