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My name is Opal Gwenevieve Fawson. 

I moved to Utah from Texas about 6 years ago. Shortly after moving here I met my now husband and fell in love with this beautiful landscape. We don’t have any kids, but I’m not ashamed to admit we treat our 4 furkids like they’re our children. 

Not so long ago, yoga FINALLY found me in 2018. I knew right away that I wanted to become a certified yoga instructor, and in 2020 I did just that. Since then I have received my 200-Hour & 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certifications here in the Utah valley by some of the most amazing teachers.  

From August 2020-November 2021 I taught yoga at the Lotus Cafe Shop & Studio right here in Ogden, and in July 2021 I received a certification in Trauma Based Yoga. 

That certification was a crucial pivoting point in my life that led me on the path that I’m on now. 

In October 2021 I started teaching yoga twice a week at the Brighton Recovery Center here in Ogden and it has changed my entire perspective on my role as a teacher. It has shown me how deeply important yoga is, and sharing this valuable gift with the world is not something I take lightly. 

In fact, I quit my full time job working as a store manager to pursue opening my own yoga business. 

I am the owner of Opalescent Yogi LLC and am contracted to travel all over the valley to share my life’s passion. 

I lead my classes through a trauma-informed lens and put an emphasis on breath and mindfulness. 

Yoga is not one size fits all. I am committed to providing a safe space and giving plenty of options so that bodies can feel empowered to participate. 

I’m not perfect, but I promise to teach from my heart. 

It’s my life’s work to help others find a practice that meets their body where it is. I want to help show this western culture that, yoga at its root, is a journey to the soul; connection of mind, body and the light within.

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